Crafting Custom Molded Gaskets For Industry 4.0

Crafting Custom Molded Gaskets For Industry 4.0

20/06/2019 Jon Chang Category: News

There was a time when ‘one-size-fits-all' was a good thing. But we've moved on since then. And today, as the world gears up for Industry 4.0, it's almost time to shift from generic to customized for good.

At Ascend Sealing, we've been prepping for this shift for quite a while now. Over the past 35 years, we've built and refined our custom molding capabilities, creating a plethora of compression molded, injection molded and transfer molded gaskets and seals for industries such as automotive, oil & gas, hydraulics, home repair, food and pharmaceuticals.  

In the spirit of the Fourth Industrial Revolution:

The disruptive technologies of Industry 4.0 are unlike any that we've seen before. For the first time ever, manufacturing giants and individual innovators alike have access to the same design, production and distribution capabilities. And in the same spirit, we've made our cutting-edge custom molding tech available to clients ranging from international distributors and OEMs to small-scale suppliers and local manufacturers.

There isn't really a point to customization if it compromises quality in the process. Which is why our custom molded gaskets, O-rings and seals are designed with attention to the minutest detail. To this end, we enable our clients to take their pick from a wide range of materials including Silicone, FVMQ, Nitrile, FKM (VitonTM), Neoprene, ACM, AEM and EPDM, among others. Each of these is available in a large selection of colors and can be tested for compatibility with our clients' designs.

Fuss-free customization for all markets:

Our commitment to quality isn't just limited to the products we make. We also go above and beyond to ensure a hassle-free customization and production process for our clients and partners. On-demand material testing and prototyping, custom packaging and compounding, and cleanroom manufacturing of gaskets for industries such as food, potable water and medical equipment, are just some of the services that we back our products with.

Ascend Sealing's custom molded gaskets and seals are ISO9001 certified, FDA approved, and meet quality standards such as NSF-61, BS6920 and UL157. Our labs, cleanrooms and manufacturing processes also have ISO and IATF certifications. To avail of our prompt and cost-effective services, contact us right here.

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